Community Tourism Leaders

Here are some of the people you will meet when you go to the ACTUAR destinations featured on this website. They are all leaders in preserving their culture and conserving their natural resources. Thanks to them, community tourism is a force for positive change in Costa Rica.

ACTUAR director, Kyra Cruz Yorkin, Bernarda's husband
Kyra Cruz
ACTUAR director
Bernarda Morales
Southern zone, Luis Angulo Nacientes Palmichal, Hernan
Gloria Mayorga
Kekoldi Reserve
Hernan Ramírez
Nacientes Palmichal
Casa Calateas, Luis Zuñiga Campesinos, Miguel
Luis Zuñiga
Casa Calateas
Miguel Mora
Los Campesinos
Don Arnulfo and daughter, Cerro Escondido Lodge Don Guillermo,  Bribri Pa Kaneblo
Don Arnulfo and daughter
Cerro Escondido Lodge
Don Guillermo
Bribri Pa Kaneblo

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