Muchos Thank Yous

Muchos thank yous!


For gracing our website with your beautiful photos, we thank the professional photographers:

Most of the photos of Yorkin, Los Campesinos, Bribri Pa Kaneblo and El Desanso were taken by the muy amable Fritz Gnad whose wife Nati really knows how to handle a 4WD on the back roads of Costa Rica. Nati runs Natica in Cologne, Germany, a service similar to ours.

Most of the wonderful photos of birds, monkeys and iguanas were taken by our dear friend Pep Guasch (and Sara!) of Catalunya, España.

And many thanks to the following shutter-happy people who have traveled with us and have generously sent us their photos:

Ken Weinberg, Bonnie Blagojevic, Mordi Kamel, the Robb family, the Rose family, the Thompson Charters family, the Glass family, the Barton family, George Soriano, Susana Jiménez, Yuni Jiménez and ACTUAR. Did I leave anyone out? Let me know!


Many thanks to George Packard of Parrot Creek Productions for the lovely videos of Yorkín and Cerro Escondido.


This website was created with artistry, professionalism and heart by Carol Sevick and David Stewart of Vermont Technology Partners. Thank you for caring about what we are trying to do and filtering it through your knowledge and expertise to produce a clear, well-organized and elegant site!

Family and Friends

Muchas gracias to my talented Costa Rica-born daughter, Elizabeth Moran for her help with the logo and maps, and to Sadelle Wiltshire of Spectrum Design, for help with the logo through the Brattleboro Time Trade.

Thanks to my dear friend Didi Hyde for the joy she finds in portraying all the creatures in Costa Rica. Her original drawing of the macaw used in the logo, was the face of Key to Costa Rica for years and years.

And to Anne Becher, without whose awareness and commitment, the Key to Costa Rica never would have become the New Key to Costa Rica. I'll never forget our trips together down innumerable bumpy roads, laughing all the way!

Eternal love and thanks to my mother, Jean Wallace, for starting the whole enchilada back in 1976.

Saludos calurosos to the members of the ACTUAR who have welcomed me into their communities over the years.

The flowering of community tourism in Costa Rica is largely thanks to the dedication, vision and hard work of ACTUAR director Kyra Cruz, her staff and her board of directors. Many rural communities throughout the world are looking to ACTUAR for its example and inspiration. We hope that this site will open the door for learning more about community tourism and the promise it holds for rural development in harmony with nature.

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