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Key to Costa Rica has been working hand-in-hand with ACTUAR since 2003 because we share the same perspective on tourism. Their experienced professionals with highly developed environmental and social consciousness have made their travel agency into one of Costa Rica's finest, offering a combination of nature, adventure, relaxation and fun.

Together, Key to Costa Rica and ACTUAR get you in direct contact with nature in less-visited areas. ACTUAR member organizations preserve over 25.000 acres of forest, thus creating biological corridors throughout the country. Just by visiting them, you are supporting their reforestation and habitat preservation efforts!

Together with ACTUAR, we can arrange for you to travel with excellent bilingual naturalist guide/drivers who know their stuff, are people pleasers, and make the experience of getting to isolated rural communities enjoyable, intimate, and hassle-free.

We love it when we hear how our guides can connect with grandparents, little kids, and teenagers. Our travelers feel that they have made new friends, and come to a new understanding of how rural communities can develop through tourism and conservation.

Working in partnership with ACTUAR has given meaning to our work. Together we have created another way of doing tourism: where tourism preserves local culture rather than destroying it, where tourism is used to help farmers supplement their income so that they can stay on the land, and where visitors feel that their vacation makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of those they visit.

ACTUAR: The Association of Costa Rican Rural Tourism

The members of the Association of Costa Rican Rural Tourism are grassroots community conservation organizations that have built and operate their own ecolodges. This means that finally rural communities are entering into Costa Rica's thriving ecotourism industry, using tourism to supplement rather than replace their farming incomes, and enabling them to protect their natural resources in order to make their farming activities sustainable.

In 2003, the Association formed ACTUAR Rural Adventures, a full service travel agency that works with a large variety of ecotourism businesses and services throughout Costa Rica. ACTUAR has earned the highest qualifications possible, 5 Leaves, on the Certification of Sustainable Tourism, a rating system carried out by the Costa Rican Tourism Board.

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