Beatrice Blake~ Green Travel Consultant

There are not many guidebook writers who only write about one country for 30 years.

Even rarer is a guidebook writer who makes herself available to help you cut through the overwhelming amount of information on the internet, to help you zero in on which destinations, activities and accommodations will work best for you and your family or companions.

If you'd like to talk to someone who has been where you want to go, or can tell you all about wonderful places you might not have heard of, talk to Beatrice Blake.

She knows how to connect you with the truly authentic experiences you hope for. Whether you dream of exploring Costa Rica's jungles and wildlife or you long to experience volcanoes, beaches and waterfalls, or just need a quiet retreat, Beatrice can help you plan an itinerary that meets your dreams. You can have plenty of R and R, family fun, action-packed adventure, or a combination of all the above.

Mission Statement

Key to Costa Rica, LLC helps people plan adventurous, enjoyable and educational trips to sustainable, safe and friendly ecotourism destinations in Costa Rica, encouraging a harmonious relationship between conservation, community development and tourism.

We do this by

: Consulting with independent travelers to help them plan ecotourism vacations, based on decades of experience in writing the guidebook The New Key to Costa Rica, now in its 19th edition.

Creating customized ecotours for families, couples and small groups that include community-owned lodges as well as the privately-owned ecolodges that made Costa Rica famous.

The joys of traveling with Key to Costa Rica...

  • Finding the blend of nature, wildlife observation, culture and relaxation that fits your idea of a great vacation
  • Seeing the real Costa Rica that few tourists see
  • Experiencing truly memorable adventures in pristine places
  • Hearing the inspiring stories of Costa Rican campesino and indigenous conservationists
  • Knowing that your vacation benefits rural communities, supplementing their incomes, helping them conserve their forests and rivers, giving them meaningful jobs near home.
  • Learning from local guides
  • Having a window into the culture, history, and ecology by traveling with experienced bilingual naturalist guide/drivers
  • A chance to get involved in nature conservation efforts
  • Learning firsthand about the fascinating juncture of tourism and sustainable development
  • Enjoying affordable prices and an incredible value for your travel budget
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