Asoprola is a friendly lodge 10 minutes by jeep from the entrance to La Amistad International Park.

You know you are in for a treat when you see the bus stop at the entrance, a Gaudiesque structure with round windows, every inch of which is decorated in with delightful mosaics.

Their Restaurante Arco Iris glows with more mosaics, including mosaic trees that hold up the ceiling/sky. Cupboard doors in the cooking area are made of translucent green wine bottles cut in half, creating a beautiful bamboo pattern. When we were there the restaurant was full of young volunteers adding their own designs to the walls and floor. The force behind this abundance of creativity is Pancho.

You can hike to Pancho's rainforest reserve through ASOPROLA ́s fields of organic coffee, sugar cane, and pineapple.

Volunteers are welcome to work in the community school or in projects in the lodge or reserve, like building hanging bridges, improving trails, or helping with the organic farms.

What our travelers are saying

I LOVED ASOPROLA. The folks there made us feel at home, and we have amazing experiences to share.
--Lori R.

We greatly enjoyed our guide, Harol at ASOPROLA. What an enthusiastic guy, and quite the bird expert. Loved his repertoire of bird calls.

--Peggy L.

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