To the riverside village of Yorkín by dugout canoe!

One of the most exciting adventures in Caribbean Costa Rica is the trip in a motorized dugout canoe to the village of Yorkín. The trip up the Yorkín River, which borders Panama, goes against the current, and the boatmen strain every muscle in their bodies to maneuver the boat away from rocks with strong poles, using their life-long knowledge of the river to keep the boat from getting stuck.

When we arrived at the village, a refreshing dip in the river readied us for a delicious lunch at the Casa de las Mujeres, featuring freshly-harvested palmito, fiddle-head ferns and chicken served on a banana leaf.

See where chocolate comes from

In Bribrí mythology, the cacao tree was made from the sister of their creator, Sibú. The women showed us a fresh cacao pod, and let us suck the fruit around the seeds. They showed us how the seeds are dried and fermented, then toasted and ground to make the bitter hot chocolate favored by the Bribrí.

Their organic banana and palm heart plantations are also cultivated in harmony with the forests that cover half of their territory.

Watch a 6-minute video that shows you what the trip is like.

What to bring

For this trip, just bring a small backpack, bathing suit, change of clothes, flashlight, and a large ziplock plastic bag for your wet bathing suit.

Staying at Casa de las Mujeres

You can visit Casa de las Mujeres for the day, or stay overnight in their rustic lodge, and return by dugout the next day. Rooms have private baths with unheated water. Meals and transportation are included in the price.

What our travelers are saying

We had a great time in Costa Rica and I feel we had a taste of everything. The Bri Bri experience at Yorkin was terrific. Muchisimas gracias for your planning help. The memories will long be with us. My daughter had a terrific immersion into Costa Rican culture
Marijo Wunderlich
The women who run the ACTUAR element of Yorkin are so happy and proud of their work, as is the whole community. What they have accomplished is truly a great thing, for them, and for the world ... I think greater than they even know.
Steve Richter

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