La Amistad International Park

Cerro Biolley de ASOMOBI is a gateway to La Amistad International Park, which extends from the Cordillera de Talamanca in Costa Rica to the western mountains of Panamá. The park has a great variety of ecosystems: oak forests, páramo, savannahs, peat bogs, rivers and streams. There are 250 species of amphibians and reptiles out of the 407 found in Costa Rica, including the rare endemic Dermophis costaricensis.

Birds and wildlife

La Amisitad is an excellent destination for bird watchers. Four hundred species have been identified within the park. That is approximately half the number of species found in all of North America.

Tapirs, wild boars and spider, howler and whitefaced monkeys live in its ample forests. It is also home to pumas and jaguars, although they are very difficult to see.

Cerro Biolley Lodge is in the village of Biolley, a special place!

Biolley is a campesino community bordering the mountains of La Amistad Park. You will enjoy the beautiful views, the excellent climate and the intelligent, friendly people, who want you to experience their culture and traditions. They love to share local recipes, and will show you how to brew coffee in the traditional way, how to make tortillas, how to collect honey, and how to dance like the locals. They are proud of their local specialties, like picadillo de papaya verde y palmito.

You can hike to Don Lorenzo's waterfall, or take a full day-hike up to the Savana Esperanza, high mountain plains that are frequented by wildlife. A local, bilingual naturalist guide will accompany you.

Coffee by women!

Tour their model diversified coffee farm, which integrates native species and fruit trees to shade the coffee bushes, raises tilapia, and produces honey.

After touring the farm, visit the Beneficio, or coffee processing plant, which is owned and managed by the women of ASOMOBI. The plant minimizes its use of water, and turns the coffee bean pulp into organic fertilizer through the use of California redworms. Your local guide will explain the coffee process from the moment the beans enter the beneficio, through drying and roasting, until you have a freshly brewed cup of coffee in your hands.. 

Getting there

Take the San Vito bus (about 5 hours) from San José and get off at Las Tablas. A local bilingual naturalist guide will meet you at the bus stop and take you to Cerro Biolley Lodge. Hiking in La Amistad International Park can only be done with a licensed guide.

What our travelers are saying

"We especially enjoyed our time at Biolley with Laura and Daniela. Thank you for connecting us to such fascinating and admirable people and such beautiful and wild places. We would never have had such a wonderful experience on our own. I hope we'll have the chance to return."
--Ken F.

"We loved the people at Biolley! Laura, Daniella and Andrea are truly fine women and we very much appreciated spending time with them."

Martha M

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