Rainforest Reserve

The 60-acre Juanilama Rainforest Reserve is an oasis the midst of pineapple plantations in this area, just off the road to Los Chiles and Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. It is about an hour northeast of Arenal Volcano.

Things to Do

Hike about half an hour in the reserve to La Leona waterfall, where you can go for a refreshing swim.

Get to know the villagers in Juanilama, ride horses to the river, fish for your dinner in Don Felix's lagoon, or get a cooking lesson from Doña Giselle. Several villagers have built comfortable rooms for guests next to their homes. All rooms have private baths.

Juanilama is a great place for families with young children that just want to experience life in a small Costa Rican village.

You can also use Juanilama as a base for visiting Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, or the Islas Solentiname in Nicaragua.

What our travelers are saying

We spent a memorable 2 days and nights in Juanilama. Everywhere we went in the community we were treated as special visitors. It was a joy for all to see our kids play with the other children and enjoy farm life. The simplicity and beauty affected everyone in our family and we will not forget the hand made crib our hosts provided.
--Sara Barton and family

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