How We Work With You

Key to Costa Rica Travel Service works in two ways:

Option I: We set up all or part of your trip for you (unlimited access to our advice)

Option 2: You consult with us, then make your own reservations ($64.00 per hour).

OPTION 1 - Let us set up all or part of your trip!

  1. Guidebook author and ecotourism consultant, Beatrice Blake, will meet with you by phone until you feel clear, satisfied and excited about the details of your trip.
  2. She then writes up a customized itinerary based on her conversation with you, taking into account
    • your interests
    • budget
    • time frame
    • the rhythm of travel that is comfortable for you and your family or group
    • your preferred transportation mode
  3. You receive the itinerary so that you can show it to everyone in your party and get their comments and questions.
  4. Once you approve the itinerary, Beatrice sends it to her partners in Costa Rica, to check availability and be priced.
  5. Once you agree on the price, you pay a 50% deposit through PayPal to guarantee the reservations. The final 50% is due through PayPal one month before your departure to Costa Rica.
  6. Once Beatrice receives your deposit, ACTUAR, our partner in Costa Rica, makes all your reservations for guides, drivers, lodging, tours and transportation. Beatrice's services are included in the cost of the trip, and she is available for consultation during the lead up to your Costa Rican vacation.
  7. You will get information on what to bring, vaccinations, money exchange, tipping, and how to communicate with friends and family while you are traveling in Costa Rica
  8. A few days before you leave, you will receive your final operational itinerary with all the timing details.
  9. You will be met at the airport by an ACTUAR representative and taken to your hotel.
  10. ACTUAR will make sure that everything goes smoothly while you are in Costa Rica.

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Option 2 - Let us help you plan your trip!

If you would like to make your own reservations and would only like to do a travel planning consultation, Beatrice's expertise is available to you for $64.00 per hour.

  • Consultations usually take from 30 to 90 minutes and cost $32.00 to $96.00
  • A consultation can end up saving you money, because Beatrice can direct you to inexpensive lodgings and transportation.
  • A consultation saves you the confusion of trying to make plans by yourself in a place you've never been.
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