Birding from Cloudforest to Beach
We loved the extraordinary diversity of wildlife and climate. So much was revealed to us that we'd never have seen without our guide's eyes and ears. His knowledge was amazing to us. We also had a lot of fun and interesting conversations.
--Ed and Emily Dean, February, 2010

From the Cloud Forests of Cerro de la Muerte to the Rainforests of Uvita de Osa: Hiking, Birding, Wildlife, Beaches, Culture!

On this 8-day trip, Birding from Cloudforest to Beach, you will have a bilingual naturalist guide/driver for 7 days in order to maximize your chances of adding to your life list! Price per person:

$1880 double, $1425 triple, $2135 single

Day 1: Welcome to Costa Rica!
An ACTUAR driver will meet your flight and take you to a charming B&B in San José.

Day 2: To El Copal!
Your bilingual, naturalist guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to El Copal Lodge in El Humo de Tucurrique, about 3 hours from San José. Go birding with your guide in the El Copal Reserve. Then relax in a hammock on the porch and let the tanagers come to you! All meals included.

Day 3: To the Cloud Forest!
After an early morning birding hike in the reserve and a hearty country-style breakfast, drive about 2.5 hours to El Toucanet Lodge in Copey de Dota. Go hiking and birding in the ancient oak forests near the lodge. That night, enjoy a dinner of freshly-caught trout, El Toucanet's specialty. Breakfast and dinner included.

Day 4: Visit the bird sanctuary of Dr. Alexander Skutch!
Your guide will take you on an early morning hike in search of the beautiful Resplendent Quetzal, the sacred bird of the Maya. The quetzal cannot live in captivity. It is only found in old-growth forests at high altitudes. It is an inspiring sight, with its long, graceful tail feathers, iridescent green plumage and red chest.
After a relaxed breakfast, your guide will take you about 2 hours south to the hills around San isidro de El General, to do some mid-altitude birding at the Alexander Skutch Los Cusingos Bird Sanctuary, the former farm of the author of Birds of Costa Rica. Dr. Skutch named Los Cusingos after the endemic orange-beaked toucanet. It is administered by the Tropical Science Center.
After an exciting day of birding, your guide will take you to Bribri Pa Kaneblo, near the town of Buenos Aires.

Day 5:To the Pacific!
After breakfast, learn more about indigenous culture while exploring the rainforest reserve with your BriBri hosts, and savor traditional cuisine for lunch. After lunch, your guide will take you to La Cusinga Lodge in Uvita de Osa, about 90 minutes south and west. La Cusinga's unique architecture makes the most of natural materials and textures. Rooms and paths are decorated with stones of all shapes, sizes and colors. All rooms have panoramic views of the Pacific.
Pristine Playa del Arco is a twenty-minute walk through beautiful rainforest from the lodge. There is a tunnel at the end of the beach that you can walk through at low tide. Because it is protected by Isla Ballena, Playa del Arco has gentler surf than most Pacific beaches, and thus is more swimmable. There is also a waterfall-fed swimming hole in the forest.
The excellent cuisine at La Cusinga is made from fresh natural ingredients. Breakfast and lunch at Bribri Pa Kaneblo included.

Day 6: Immerse yourself in La Cusinga!
Hike down to the beach if it is low tide, or go in search of monkeys, sloths, birds and frogs along La Cusinga's trails with your guide. Breakfast included.

Day 7: Birding and wildlife at La Merced
Your guide will take you birding in La Merced National Wildlife Refuge, about 5 minutes away in the hills above Uvita. Overnight at La Cusinga, breakfast included.

Day 8: Come back soon!
If you have an afternoon flight, your guide can get you to the airport by leaving Uvita around 8 a.m. Fly home with happy memories of Costa Rica.

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