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Travel should be life-enriching, interactive and unforgettable. When you travel with us, that's how it is.

We love the way that the Slow Food movement honors and connects people to the land, the farmers, and the traditional cultures that produce and add gusto to our nourishment.

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Since 2003, Key to Costa Rica has worked with a network of community-owned ecolodges that welcome visitors into their rain forest reserves and into their traditional way of life. Tourism supports their conservation efforts and supplements their farm incomes so that they can afford to stay on their land.

The community-owned lodges we work with are your window into traditional campesino culture. On the tours mentioned in this section, you can:
See how local farmers grow their bananas and cacao in harmony with nature
Learn to make the sublime blend of fish, coconut milk and traditional root vegetables known on the Caribbean coast as rondón.
Get the spices just right on jerk chicken with Miss Veronica in her Puerto Viejo kitchen
Make delicious rice tamales with the Térraba people in Southern Costa Rica
Visit a women-run coffee beneficio near La Amistad international Park and taste a prize-winning coffee

By being informed about where you visit and the challenges that tourism presents to pristine natural areas, by being interested in meeting local people and actively supporting local food producers, you become a partner in the process that makes Costa Rica a model of biodiversity conservation. And you will return to your country with an experience of the real Costa Rica.

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"The trip was really great. We enjoyed the range of accommodations ranging from rustic to luxurious - and all quiet and off the beaten track. Everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. We saw only a small fraction of the country and would like to return for another visit in a year or two. Thanks for your help in putting it all together. One of the best parts was ACTUAR. The staff was so responsive every time we needed help.
Peter Ahlf
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