Traveling Expenses

Traveling Expenses

Costa Rica is not as inexpensive for travelers as other Central American countries. Still, you can take a bus to anywhere in the country for under $8, meals cost from $3 to $10, and you can usually find decent hotels for under $50 for two people.

If you are determined to spend as little money as possible, visit in May, June, September, or October and take advantage of the off-season rates. Well-appointed rooms at the beach or volcano are often $60-$100 and up. Groceries cost about two-thirds as much as in the United States.

According to Tourism Institute statistics, most visitors spend between $75 and $116 per day. However, two penny-pinching people can travel for about $25 a day each, including bus transportation, comfortable lodging (double occupancy), and eating at local sodas.

Camping out is cheaper still, but you have the inconvenience of hauling around equipment and making sure your tent is guarded at all times. Yet another advantage of visiting community-based lodges is their extremely reasonable prices--usually $25-$60 per person including meals.

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