Our Itineraries

Our Itineraries

The real Costa Rica

I think there are many families like ours, people who want to experience the "real" Costa Rica and meet the people who live there. Thank goodness for Beatrice Blake and ACTUAR. The work they do truly benefits visitors and the people and places we want to experience.

--Sara Barton and family

Our own leisurely pace

"Now that I've gotten my feet back underneath me from my adventures in Costa Rica, I want to thank you for the wonderful itinerary, planning and follow through you did for us. We absolutely loved everything we did and enjoyed every place we stayed. Having heard a few other people's adventures in CR, I want to especially thank you for steering us off the beaten path. We enjoyed Costa Rica at our own leisurely pace, thoroughly enjoyed everyone we met and got a wonderful feel for many of the different climates and cultures."

--Linda & Duffee Ricks

I saw a lot of things I probaby wouldn't have taken in on my own

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Costa Rica. It is an absolutely beautiful place and I fell in love with the people and pace of life. I saw a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have taken in on my own. Our guide was fabulous. He obviously loves nature, plants, and guiding and his knowledge of all things Costa Rica was incredible. I appreciated being able to visit more out of the way, eco-tourist destinations and look forward to returning to Costa Rica to see more of her beautiful country and people.

Carrie Seela

Nacientes Palmichal

Our entire trip unfolded very well and exceeded our expectations. Our guide was informative, good natured and down to earth. Our accommodations met our needs. But most importantly, the people that we met were welcoming and gracious and allowed us to learn about their country and lifestyle and gave us a glimpses of how they are working together to forge a prosperous and happy country.

Marian Linden, March 2010

Integrity through and through

I've gone on many vacations, and I cannot stress how much more memorable this vacation was. Your passion for quality sustainable tourism is impressive. In addition to "working" for Costa Rica, it also provides true adventures and many services to the tourists themselves. Your operation has integrity through and through!

--Milo Burn

We couldn't stop raving

Thank you for your help in planning our wonderful Costa Rica adventure! We had a great time with our guide--he was awesome, patient with us, and really contributed to the richness of our time in the country. We couldn't have hand-picked a better person! We couldn't stop raving about you and your advice during the trip!. Thanks again!

Kathy Broska

So patient with the girls

Thank you for the recent trip you planned for our family. It completely met our expectations in every way. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family.

While in San Ramon de Rio Blanco we fell in love with our host don Arnulfo and his family as well as our guide, Jairo. They were totally helpful and knowledgeable. It was plain to see that they love their land and were interested in sharing as much as they could with us about its nuances and history. Jairo was so patient with the girls and a delight to be around. We missed him the rest of the trip.

Dr. Mary Jo Baumann, January 2010

ACTUAR--so responsive when we needed help

The trip was really great. We enjoyed the range of accommodations ranging from rustic to luxurious - and all quiet and off the beaten track. Everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. We saw only a small fraction of the country and would like to return for another visit in a year or two. Thanks for your help in putting it all together. One of the best parts was ACTUAR-- so responsive every time we needed help.

Peter Ahlf, January 2011

I had the time of my life

"I can't thank you enough for the great adventure. All my friends are saying "Wow, we went to CR, but we didn't see anywhere near what you saw." I had the time of my life, everything went off without a hitch, and I fully recommend Key to Costa Rica for visits to this beautiful land."

Jane Cameron

The trip had a good pace

"We loved seeing a variety of birds and animals. The trip had a good pace and was well balanced between activities and down time. Jorge Is an exceptional guide!"

The Veenkamp family

Our guide was excellent

"Our guide was excellent, educating us about the flora, fauna, history and politics of Costa Rica. He was knowledgeable, patient, spoke excellent English, and was just a great person to get to know."

M Morford

A fabulous experience

"We worked with you about 2 years ago to go to Costa Rica and had a fabulous experience. It has really helped us clarify how we want to travel.

That trip set the bar so high for us, that I find I have to prepare myself when we set out on other vacations not to be disappointed. Thanks!

Jennifer Laird-O'Rafferty

We visited remote jungle homesteads

"We visited remote jungle homesteads and farms, aboriginal villages, took hikes though dense untouched rain forests, and got to know a lot about the country and culture.
Our naturalist guide who we had for the trip was excellent: He taught us about the birds, insects, plants, reptiles, and culture of this amazing country. Beatrice helped us figure out our trip itinerary based on our traveling needs and interests, and never steered us in a wrong direction. Five stars!"

Steve Richter

Five stars!

If you know little about Costa Rica and want to see more than the usual tourist spots when you visit, connect with Beatrice Blake and ACTUAR. We did so and were exceptionally well taken care of throughout our trip.

It cost us a little more than we would have paid if we planned our trip from guidebooks ourselves, but the result was a much more enriching trip than we every could have come up with on our own.

Beatrice helped us figure out our trip itinerary based on our traveling needs and interests, and never steered us in a wrong direction. Five stars!

Steve Richter, January 2010

Everything went perfectly

Our trip was wonderful; thanks to you and the great people at ACTUAR. Everything went perfectly, we were always picked up on time, and never had a worry. I think every tourist needs to spend at least a day at Los Campesinos; what an incredible place.

Our guide was a great host, proud of his country, and willing to talk about anything. The kids loved him. He even took a short detour for us so my son could see where he had volunteered in high school.

Needless to say I have a lot of friends now interested in a trip like this, and I will send them your way!

Vicki Bennett, January 2010

So pleased with the quality service...

We had a marvelous, memorable trip to Costa Rica, and were so pleased with the quality service and guidance you and everyone at ACTUAR provided.

Thanks again for helping assemble a special journey -- and at such short notice!

Nick Glass, January 2010

Our best vacation ever!!

Beatrice. I couldn't wait to tell you how fabulous our trip to CR was. My whole family said over and over that this was our best vacation ever!! (And we've done some pretty fun things).

From the erupting volcano with zip lining and rafting to spending time with Arnulfo and Mary in the jungle. Every detail was taken care of to the Nth degree.

I must put a special plug in for our guide, Jorge. My family fell in love with him and hated to say goodbye. He has an open invitation to visit us in the States if he ever travels to the US. Be sure to give him some special recognition.

Thanks again for a true and simple view of CR, its beauty and its gracious people and its adventurous activities. We feel blessed that this trip worked out for us. Again thanks for all of your help

-- Dr. Julius Leary, June 2010
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