Travel Consultations

Travel Consultations

Your advice was terrific!

"Thank you for your help on our Costa Rica trip recently. Your advice was terrific! We particularly enjoyed staying at Biolley with the families there and getting into La Amistad. Remote, beautiful, and just what we were hoping for.

P.S. Newman

Grateful for your advice

"I am grateful for your advice. It could make all the difference between a pretty good time and a really great one."

-Mary Bosell

We can't thank you enough

"Our trip to Costa Rica was the trip of a life time and we owe a large part to you. It was so nice to be able to talk to an expert.

Your fee was MORE than reasonable and we saved lots of money from motels to travel expenses. More important than the money was the peace of mind of having first hand knowledge of a place we'd never been.

We can't thank you enough. You were the best bargain in Costa Rica!"

Steve and Diane Scott

Thanks for your help

"Thanks for your help. We never could have managed the marathon originally conceived. Your suggestions to eliminate some things were right on target. It was a great trip and whetted our appetite for more."

Geralann Colwell

We had a blast!

"Our hotel was perfect for our needs. We had a blast! And we couldn't have done it without you!"

Allie Rudolph

Terrific suggestions and tips!

"I was delighted with your response. That's the kind of personal touch I was looking for, and that you can't get by simply reading a guide book. I am really looking forward to the trip, even more so with your terrific suggestions and tips!"

Amy Brown, author of the Insight Pocket Guide to Stockholm

I greatly recommend your personalized services

"We all enjoyed our trip tremendously. There was something for everyone. Working with you made a huge difference, as you connected me to places I could not even be aware of; you made excellent recommendations for activities which the children would enjoy; and you helped to give the trip a reasonable pace which would have been almost impossible to do just reading guidebooks.

I greatly recommend your personalized services as this allowed us to maximize the enjoyment of our trip by being adapted to our particular interests, ages and budget."

Johanne Morel

Fabulous! Fabulous!

"Fabulous! Fabulous! Thank you so much for helping me decide where to go with my family in Costa Rica!

You listened carefully to our preferences ... and then made suggestions that hit the mark with room to spare. No doubt about it, your service was more than worth it to us in every way - indeed, it helped set the framework for our once in a lifetime (hopefully not!) trip to Costa Rica."

Peter Mansfield

Perfect for the whole family

"Just wanted to let you know that the language school you recommended was just perfect for the whole family.

We learned a lot and the kids were very comfortable with the entire experience.


Modest consultation fee

"I believe your modest consultation fee may have saved us thousands of dollars AND will be giving us a much more realistic picture of living in Costa Rica."

Meg Grahamme

...a memorable trip


Just a quick note to let you know that the entire ACTUAR trip unfolded very well and exceeded our expectations. It was a wonderful trip; every move, transport, pickup and drop of were flawless.

Our guide Grievin was not only knowledgeable, but a lot of fun to be with. He was informative, good-natured and down to earth.

Our accommodations met our needs. But most importantly, the people that we met at Nacientes Palmichal and in Arenal at La Catarata were welcoming and gracious and allowed us to learn about their country and lifestyle and gave us glimpses of how they are working together to forge a prosperous and happy country.

Thanks for helping to make this such a memorable trip.

Marian and Victor Linden, March 2010

Our trip to Costa Rica was wonderful...

Dear Beatrice and Kyra,

Our trip to Costa Rica was wonderful, and I wanted to thank you both for arranging it for us. Seidy and Edward were incredible guides, and amazingly good at dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Our students found that playing for the children in the small community schools was a very rewarding and eye-opening experience, and we also all enjoyed learning about rural Costa Rica and the efforts everyone is making to protect their environment (the beach was great, too!).

Thanks so much,

Felicity Wong, April 2010

We had a great time...

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at Nacientes Palmpichal and Jorge Esquivel was a wonderful guide. He was very kind and very helpful and showed us a really nice time. We enjoyed the whole visit.

Jayashree Iyengar, April 2010

The trip was fantastic!

Hi Beatrice:

The trip was fantastic! Everything went smoothly, even the transitions from the ACTUAR-planned part to my internet-scheduled part in Drake Bay and back.

Greivin was the best possible guide (and a careful and skilled driver, too, which is always appreciated). My youngest daughter just fell in love with him and began calling him "Uncle Greivin" and basically wouldn't leave his side.

We saw quetzales, met a small organic coffee grower, and climbed up the inside of a strangler fig in the forest. Awesome! We'd love to do it again!!!

Thanks so much!

--Lissa McIntyre, April 2010

Your advice...

"Your advice just made our first trip to Costa Rica. I wish every country had a person like you to help plan vacations. The peace of mind you give is so valuable!

Now that we are planning our second trip, the first thing I thought of was talking to you."

-- Teetle Clawson

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